Leather furniture, how to do in our life, leather furniture is a lot of friends more attention, in this paper, the identification technique for leather furniture make an introduction for you, so you have to understand, in life, there is a reference, follow below small make up together and have a look.
Smell first. Artificial leather has a pungent smell similar to plastic. Real leather has a special taste. The real skin clearly has an animal odor, while the fake skin takes advantage of the more irritating smell.
2. Also look at the extensibility of leather. Genuine leather is soft and elastic. Artificial leather is much worse. For example, you can use indentation when checking to see if there are fine lines scattered in the indentation area.
Look at your pores. Dermal pores are irregular, while artificial fur pores are regular. For example, examine the adductor side section of the cortex. As the forgery technology is getting better and better now, it's getting harder and harder to get from positive analysis. And you can see some of that from the adductor side of the cortex. The cortex of the real skin is loose and sparse, while the false skin is compact.
Actually, the most commonly used one is the first one. Because now the artificial leather and the real leather are getting closer and closer, only the flavor can not be made.